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Concert in two chapters. In the first one the Machina Lírica Ensemble, which gave its first performance at the Música Viva 2010 Festival, will give world-premiere performances of 5 new works. In the second one the ER RM and RG trio will give its world-premiere performance, in the context of improvisation, in which a narrow set of sound material is submitted to intense control of its temporal existence. The trio is constituted by 3 generations of renowned musicians (16 years of age difference between each one of them) with diverse careers; viola, trombone and computer examine the limits between liberty and rigour.
    Machina Lírica Ensemble
Monika Streitová flute
Pedro Rodrigues guitar
José Luís Ferreira musical informatics

    José Luís Ferreira – L’Histoire d’amour entre...(2012) [WP flute and guitar version]
    (flute, guitar and live electronics)
    Evgueny Zoudilkine – Aguarela III (2012) [WP]
    (flute and guitar)
    Massimo Davi – 4 Canzoni di Flora (2011) [WP]
    (flute and guitar)
    Carlos Caires – SAH (2012) [WP]
    (flute, guitar and electronics)
    Petra Bachratá – Machina Lírica (2012) [WP]
    (flute, guitar)


Ernesto Rodrigues viola
Radu Malfatti trombone
Ricardo Guerreiro computer

    ER + RM + RG – improvisation trio

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